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Lens Crafting

Lenss are always measured frist to ensure the correct cut is made. Precision is exctremely important.
Step One: Match the lens to the frame to ensure the correct shape of the frame matches the lenses.
Step Two: Once the measurements are calculated, the lens is grinded into shape with specialized machinery.

Here’s a video that shows how lenses are crafted. This is similar to the way we have it done in house.

Still, there’s more to it than calculating the lens and cutting the shape.

We offer multiple lens treatments from anti-reflective coating to anti fog glasses.

Many lens crafting labs rely on similar machinery, and often eye doctors will order their lenses from third party companies who carry such high tech machinery. Eyecrafters, however, can offer faster service on many lenses and with our in-house technicians, we ensure you receive high quality lenses all at our location. While some jobs can take a little more time than others, we take pride in providing the most selection, affordable prices, and great service under one roof.